Operation Map

Operation Map The Operation Map is used as a continuous Health Check of your Business. As the data builds in Viability this Map builds to visualise how costs fall within your business.  This map is your weekly snapshot highlighting Revenue, Costs and Expected Return. EBITDA is used as an expected […]

Purchase Order

How to Add a Purchase Order. Go to side-menu and click on Purchasing. From the drop-down menu click on Orders. On the Supplier click Add Order. Enter in the fields applicable. Click Save changes. The Order is then reflected in the Budget Scale Bar.

Analysing Roster Segments

How to Analyse Roster into Segments. Go to side-menu and click Workforce. Click Roster. Click Segments. The screen will change to breakdown the wage costs into the Segments. This is a breakdown on the costs and how they fall within the day. Workforce Ratio: This is your Productivity measurement. The […]

Kick-Off Guide

Welcome to Viability. This is your guide to setting up your store. The most valuable change during the first two weeks of using Viability is moving away from the habit of chasing old data and into a new habit of entering current data and projecting forward. If you make a […]


How to Manage Purchasing through Viability. Viability has the the capability to track your Purchasing against your target metric range. It is important to enter your orders on a regular basis, as they are made. Invoices are then cross-referenced at a later date. How to Add a Supplier. There is […]


Store Settings The Settings customise Viability to suit your business needs configuring the software to reflect how your business operates. From the side-menu click Settings. Move through the menu completing the information for the following: Store Details Public Events Departments Trading Segments Payment Types Read Groups Discounts Overhead Types

Purchasing Budget

How to Manage Purchasing Budget. Purchasing is based on your metric targets found in Store Details.  From side-menu click on Purchasing. The Budget is based on the Max Purchase metric target. There is an option to adjust the Budget. Click on Edit icon . Enter a Budget. The Budget is now […]

Adding Segment Reads – Y-Read Option

How to add Adjust to add Y-Reads for Segments. Viability is defaulted to X-Read inputs. Adjust to Y-Reads through Settings in Store Details. Performing a Y-Read on your POS enter the reads at the end of each period Adding Segment Reads.

Close Day

How to Close Day. An important task at the end of each day is to Close Day. Note: The forecast of Business Health will not generate if Close Day is not performed.  Click Close Day A wizard will take you through a number of forms to complete. Confirm the planned Roster […]