Adding Segment Reads

How to add Revenue Segment Reads. Viability is defaulted to X-Read inputs, it will automatically deduct the previous read to gain a Segment total. Performing an X-Read on your POS enter the reads at the end of each period and the Day Close. There are two options to add your […]

Revenue Forecast

How to Add Revenue Forecast. During the first two weeks it is important to add a projected Revenue input for each day. From the inputs of actual segments and Close Day during the first two weeks of use, Viability will generate Projected Revenue for you. From the side-menu click Revenue. To […]


Integrating Viability integrates with the following services. If at any stage you have any queries the Viability team are available for support and/or training. From the side-menu click on Settings drop-down menu. Click on Integrations. Click on the integration your business uses. Move through the prompts.  


How to add Discounts. The option for a Discount is to both Budget towards and also track Actuals. These could include for example Customer Discounts, Staff Meals, Coupons, etc. Any discounts you need to account for which are deducted from your Revenue. From the side-menu click on Settings drop-down menu. […]

Payment Types

How to add Payment Types. Payment Types are important for when you Close Day. The Payment Type allows you to breakdown your Cash Count into the types you need to account for from your Reads i.e Cash, Eftpos, Account Sales, etc. From the side-menu click on Settings drop-down menu. Click […]

Trading Segments

How to edit Trading Segments. Trading segments are pre-populated and there are Four segments to be adjusted to your business. The segments are essential for Analysis features throughout Viability. To optimise your Analysis it is recommended to segment your trading day to best suit your business. Do not be tempted […]

Edit Classifications

How to Edit Classifications From the side-menu click on Workforce to reveal the drop down menu. Click on Classifications. Click on Edit icon. Edit Rates from this menu. Click Save.

Add Options to Shifts

How to add Options to Shifts. When creating a shift there are a number of Options which can be applied. Click on the Option which is applicable to the Shift. A Trial Shift does not reduce the cost. It is designed to visually highlight a Trial Shift in your Roster. […]

Add Overtime to Shifts

How to add Overtime to Shifts. When creating a shift there is an option to assign Overtime to an Employee’s shift. Move the slider to the number of hours to be assigned to Overtime for the Employee. Click Save changes.

Analyse Your Roster

How to Analyse Your Roster. A visual is created throughout the creation of a Roster. This guides you into creating the optimal Roster for your store. As you build the Roster the Metric slider’s start to visualise how you are falling within your target metric range. A comparison to your […]