How to add Penalties. From the side-menu click on Workforce to reveal the drop down menu. Click on Penalties. Click Add Item. From this form, create a penalty rate. The following is an example of a penalty applicable to a Late Night Shift: The Type of Penalty for this rate is a […]


Staff Clicking on the Workforce tab on the Side Menu you will find all your management functions to support the creation of your Rosters. Before adding Employee Details there are a number of steps to complete. Have on hand the Pay Guide sourced from the Industry Award your business operates under. […]

Edit an Overhead

How to Edit an Overhead.  From the side menu, go to Overheads.   Click on the Pencil edit icon for the Overhead you wish to edit.   Through this opened form you can view and edit your Overhead information. Once complete click Save.

Adding an Overhead

How to add an Overhead.  From the side menu, go to Overheads. Click Add Overhead.   Through this form add the details for each of your business’ Overheads. An Occurrence is when the Overhead costs are incurred, either Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, or Weekly. Click Save.

Overhead Types

How to add an Overhead Type. From the side menu, go to Settings. Through the drop down on the side menu, click Overhead Types. Click Add Overhead Type.   Choose a name to group your business’ Overheads i.e. Administration. Enter the Group name. Click Save.


Establishing accurate overhead budgets for your business is an important step towards profitability.  Viability helps you through this process by helping visually mapping these expense through the Operation Map.   talk about reconciling and how it effects the budget projected and shows on the Operation dashboard. Let’s look at the […]

Side Menu

Access of viability’s features is access through the side menu of the application as seen below. Explain menu structure here…

Store Details

Entering Store Details From the side-menu click on Settings. Click on Store Details. This should be populated from the On-boarding Wizard. If not enter details of your store into the form. Days Closed Check the days your store is closed for business. Payroll Enter your payroll percentages for Superannuation and […]