Analyse Your Roster

How to Analyse Your Roster.

A visual is created throughout the creation of a Roster. This guides you into creating the optimal Roster for your store.

As you build the Roster the Metric slider’s start to visualise how you are falling within your target metric range.

A comparison to your Budget builds and you can see if you are over your Budget or if you have room to move. From the above example Monday is over Budget by $32.62 and Tuesday still has $262.42 of Budget to work with.

Click on Show Day Summaries

The Day Summary is a breakdown of the Roster costs. Becoming familiar with these figures you will start to understand trends in your Roster.

Workforce Ratio: This is your Productivity measurement. The number of hours of labour divided into the Revenue. This is an important measurement to track, to understand the ratio between Revenue and Wage Cost.
Avg Rate: This is the average pay-rate of the employees rostered for the day.
Hours: These are the number of Hours rostered for the day. A comparison of this can identify if a Roster is tracking too high or too low. This starts to become apparent when identifying a trend in the number of hours rostered.

The Day Summary is then broken down further, showing how costs fall between Departments.

How to breakdown Segments.

If you are outside of your target metric range an icon next to Workbench will flash red.



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