Close Day

How to Close Day.

An important task at the end of each day is to Close Day.

Note: The forecast of Business Health will not generate if Close Day is not performed. 

Close Day
Click Close Day

A wizard will take you through a number of forms to complete.

Confirm Roster
Confirm the planned Roster to the Actual hours performed by staff.

Click Next.

Final Read
Enter the Final Daily Read for the day.

Click Next

Discounts Close
If you are tracking Discounts (as applied in Store Details), this form will appear. Complete Discounts.

Click Next

Cash Count
This form will be populated with the Payment Types you have set up.

Click Next.

Review Day
Your final form allows you to make notes and rate the day performance.
Review Bad Day
The other option is to review the day to be excluded from further analysis by choosing to ‘Exclude day from Forecasts’. This is beneficial to aid Workbench

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