Creating a Roster

How to Create a Roster.

Choose the week for the Roster through the side-menu .


From the side-menu click on Revenue.

Check your Revenue forecasts for the week to determine if they are inline with expected sales. Make any adjustments needed.

From the side-menu click on Workforce.
Click on Roster.

The Summary will show the Budgets for Labour and Revenue.

Create shifts and start to build your roster through this platform.

How to Create a Shift.

Short Cuts
  • Change the Employee assigned to the shift by clicking on the shift and changing the Employee name.
  • With multiple Employees on the Roster, drag and drop shifts between Employees.
  • Drag and duplicate shifts across an Employee.

How to add Options to Shifts.

How to add Overtime to Shifts.

As your Roster Builds you can start to analyse your data.

How to Analyse Your Roster.

If you are outside of your target metric range an icon next to Workbench will flash red.

How to use Workbench.






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