How to add Employees.

From the side-menu click on Workforce to reveal the drop down menu.

Click on Employees.

Click Add Employee.

The above form will appear to be completed with the details of each employee.

To add a Classification to an employee click on View/Edit under Classification.


Click on ‘Please select’ to choose a Classification applicable to the employee. Insert a Start Date, of the date when the Classification is applicable to the employee. A history will be created of any changes to an employees Classification.

Click on Rostering

The above drop down will appear to assign the employee to a Department and a Position. Choose which is applicable for the employee you are adding.

There is an option for Notes for your perusal to add to an employee’s details.

Click Save.


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  1. Rosetta Crugnale

    Hi Guys

    It would be great if you can record an end date for employees i.e when they finish/last day of duty (with a reason) e.g. resigned, retired, performance, retired, expired contract, death etc. That way you can determine who are current employees versus left. The end date should show up on the main employee list and be able to be filters on. Give me a call if you have any queries.

    1. Viability

      Thank you Rosetta. It’s a valuable idea to aid employee record keeping, an area we would like the design of Viability to support.
      Kind Regards,
      Customer Success

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