Store Details

Entering Store Details

From the side-menu click on Settings.

Click on Store Details.

Store Details
This should be populated from the On-boarding Wizard. If not enter details of your store into the form.

Days Closed

Check the days your store is closed for business.


Enter your payroll percentages for Superannuation and Work Cover. These can be checked by your Accountant or Bookkeeper. Superannuation and Work Cover values are shown in the Operation page of Viability, highlighting a break-down of the costs.
Check the box Enable Payments if your business allows for cash payments to employees.


Enter the metric range for your store. See more on Metrics.


Edit your default GST costs for your business. Viability defaults GST to 10% however some businesses trade with GST free items and this value as a percentage of Revenue is overall decreased as a cost to the business.


These Settings offer a customisation to suit your needs.

12hr Times: changes the clock from 24hr to 12 hr.
Pre-populate Roster with assigned employees: Every employee from the department will be listed on the Roster and the Print of the Roster.
Enable Wine Equalisation Tax (WET): Assigns a spot on the form in Purchasing to account for WET.
Disabled Cash Counts Discrepancy: Removes the function to track Discrepancies in cash counts.
Track Covers: Option to track the Covers for each day
Track Wastage: Option to track Wastage each day
Auto Accumulate Reads: Allows for input of Y Reads into Revenue in Segments.



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