Kick-Off Guide

Welcome to Viability.

This is your guide to setting up your store.

The most valuable change during the first two weeks of using Viability is moving away from the habit of chasing old data and into a new habit of entering current data and projecting forward.

If you make a data input today, you get to look into it tomorrow! 

The Customer Success team at Viability are available at any stage of setting up your store. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Google Chrome is the recommended browser, as it secure and faster to support a powerful application.

  1. Settings enter the particulars of your business. This is a good exercise in getting to think about what makes your business tick.
  2. Add in Overheads:
    • Enter in consistent and reliable Overhead Budgets these could include:
      • Rent,
      • Electricity,
      • Council Rates,
      • Franchise Fees etc. 
    • Budget the remainder as an Uncategorised Overhead.
      • Example: consistent Overhead Budgets total $30,000 expected Overheads $50,000 for the year. Therefore $20,000 as an Uncategorised Overhead.
      • As Overheads are categorised and paid decrease the Uncategorised accordingly.
    • Or a Budget can be applied to all Overheads you know are applicable to your business and would like to track towards.
  3. Add in Revenue Forecasts: Enter Revenue Budgets for the first two weeks.

    • These are only to be entered for the first two weeks of trade. Viability will then calculate a Forecast Revenue based on the Actual Revenue inputs.
  4. Set up Workforce: There is a bit of homework here so be prepared for a bit of time inputting important information to create optimal Rosters for your business.
    • Your Customer Success team at Viability are here to support you through this step.
  5. Enter in Your First Roster: Entering your Roster you will see the Metric Bar move as you apply a wage cost to your business.
  6. Enter in Your Purchasing: It is important to add Orders as they are made to track these costs to your target metric range.

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