Purchasing Budget

How to Manage Purchasing Budget.

Purchasing is based on your metric targets found in Store Details. 

Metric Aims

From side-menu click on Purchasing.

Purchasing Budget - Revenue Forecast
The Budget is based on the Max Purchase metric target.

There is an option to adjust the Budget.
Click on Edit icon Edit Button.

Edit Week Budget
Enter a Budget.

Change Budget
The Budget is now adjusted and reflected in the metric slider.

As Purchases are made through Suppliers this is shown through the Order Total. A Budget Exceeded may be reasonable if you have a high order week or it can be a warning depending on your business needs.

Purchasing Over Budget Within Metric Range

As set up in Suppliers, each Supplier has an option to have a Budget. The purpose for this is the ability to drill down into your Purchasing.

Supplier Budget Example
As purchases are made this is reflected in the slide-bar of the Supplier.

Orders Complete
When all the orders for a supplier are complete, open the supplier and click Orders Complete.

This will be reflected in the supplier tile on the Purchasing page, with a green tick on the Supplier. This helps you at a glance, track your orders to your budget by highlighting what you have completed and what is still to be ordered.



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