Clicking on the Workforce tab on the Side Menu you will find all your management functions to support the creation of your Rosters.

Before adding Employee Details there are a number of steps to complete.

Have on hand the Pay Guide sourced from the Industry Award your business operates under.

Your first step will be to set up the Penalties which apply to your business. Penalties in Viability are rates other than rates for Sundays, Saturdays, and Public Holidays, these are set up in Classifications. The penalties for example include rates applicable to late night shifts, early mornings, overtime or broken shifts.

How do I add Penalties?

The Penalties you have set up will now be visible when you move on to setting up Classifications.
Classifications are the individual award levels and pay rates, i.e. Level 1 Kitchen attendant.
This may be a time-consuming step, adding the particulars of each level, however once complete they will be easy to maintain.

How do I add Classifications?

The next step is to add the Positions of your staff. During this step you are applying a title to the Positions of your staff in your business.

How do I add Positions?

We are now at the point to start adding the details of each Employee. From this function critical information associated with employee details can be managed.

How do I add Employees?



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